Enhanced Offerings

Home Monitoring Services

  • Extended Vacation?
  • Winter / Summer Visitor?
  • Remodeling?
  • Building?
  • Hospital or Extended Care?

No matter what your reason for not being at home, allow us to be your complete service professionals while you are away! Let us take care of the maintenance and day-to-day concerns, so that you can leave your home with peace of mind that it will be exactly as you left it when you return. We offer a standard suite of services and fully customizable packages based on your unique needs.

Standard Services

Our standard monitoring services include:

  • Random surveillance and observation and varied times/days.
  • Comprehensive walk through the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Vehicle re-arranging and start-up.
  • Checking and securing windows.
  • Checking and running appliances as appropriate.
  • Flushing toilets.
  • Running all faucets, checking under cabinets for leaks.
  • Checking whether electrical devices (lights, clocks, timers) are operating properly.
  • Checking garage doors.
  • Visually checking for water leaks.
  • Monitoring utilities.
  • Checking landscaping for potential problems.
  • Picking up papers, flyers, etc. from your driveways, walkway, and entries.
  • Setting your utilities for your anticipated return.
  • Sending emergency notifications if there is a problem.
  • Providing after storm inspections.

Random surveillance and observation: We will thoroughly check your home’s interior and exterior at periodic intervals. The random pattern to our home checks deters undesirables.

Inspections of the interior and exterior of you home: During our walk-throughs, our team checks for anything unusual or out of the ordinary. That includes looking for water leaks (thus eliminating a sudden extreme increase in water bills), sprinkler leaks or broken sprinkler heads, as well as flushing toilets to prevent calcium build-up. We also check the thermostat to ensure your home stays at the agreed-upon temperature, look for signs of appliance malfunction, andensure windows are closed, locked, and unbroken. This service also includes picking up newspapers and flyers, and making sure gates remain secured.

Starting/Moving Vehicles: Periodically starting and moving your vehicles prevents brakes from locking up or the battery going dead. It also repositions tires to make sure they don’t disfigure or go flat.

Storm or Emergency Checks: After a storm or other extreme weather, our team will visually check your roof, landscaping, and inside the home for signs of damage.

Regular Updates: We will send you regular updates on your home,
with photos of any potential problems we may have noticed. We will consult you regarding any repairs that may be required.

Custom Services

The Wagner Realty Group also offers personalized custom Services.

We understand that life can be hectic ~ we are here to help slow life down. Should you need an extra set of hands or provide oversight for a project give us a call ~ we can arrange services that will make your life easier.

Whether you need assistance

    • Preparing your home before you arrive
    • Provide oversight and access for contractors
    • Home Maintenance
    • Holiday Decorating
    • Cleaning Services
    • Handyman Services
    • Assistance unpacking household products

… and much more

We will design a program/project that meets your budget, property, and personal needs. The At Your Service team has devoted to providing high quality services. Your personal concierge will ensure that we attend to everything that you ask of us with our goal to make your life easier.